Quezia Brito


“I loved my English program at the ELC. My teachers were perfect and when I had problems, they helped me a lot. The whole ELC staff is amazing - many times I went to the second floor to ask question and all the Cultural Assistants were very kind with me. I recommend this program for all students who are looking for a change to improve their knowledge in English.”

What's it like living in Victoria?

In Victoria I met many new friends and I learned different cultures, and it was very important to me. I could see beautiful places and talk with native speakers that helped me to improve my English. The people who live in Victoria are very kind. When I was lost downtown a lot of people helped me to find the places that I was looking for. I am in love with Victoria!

Best advice for new students

At the ELC I felt like a real student at the University of Victoria, and I loved it very much! My best advice is to study in a university, seeing how others students are, and how a university is in another country.

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: University Centre
  • To study: Student Union Building
  • To relax: Downtown

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Quezia Brito