Manaka Kobayashi


"I had good experiences at the ELC everyday. When I went to the ELC, I found the staff to be kind and friendly, and they always explained things to me clearly. Also, the ELC holds a lot of weekly special events, where I had a good time and made new friends. At the ELC, I met many friends from all over the world. It was interesting for me to learn about each of them through our shared learning of English.

I even had good experiences with the ELC before leaving Japan. When I asked ELC staff questions, they got back to me very quickly with carefully considered answers. They helped to settle my anxiety before I came, which helped me have a great experience."

What's it like living in Victoria?

Because it was my first time going abroad alone and I was going to be studying there for a long time, I wanted to stay somewhere safe. Victoria is a peaceful and safe place. Victoria has the best weather in Canada, and there are a lot of flowers and nature. Moreover, this place is perfect for studing English.  Canadian people are happy to talk with everyone in a friendly way. I love Victoria! One of my favourite things about Victoria was that when people get off the bus, they say “thank you” to the driver! I found it very heart-warming.

Best advice for new students

I want give new students two pieces of advice: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and  enjoy learning English. To enjoy learning is the best way to imporve. The ELC has a lot of intereting events to help you have a good experience!

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: University Centre
  • To study: UVic Library
  • To relax: UVic lawns

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Manaka Kobayashi