Heejeong Seok


"In April, I had the opportunity to do volunter as a cheerleader. Our job was cheering on runners in a 10K race. My friend and I friend made a plancard for the runners. Everyone in the run was tired as they reached their goal and sometimes they walked. But a woman started running again when she saw the picket sign we were holding. After hearing our cheering, they started to gather strength again. I was very impressed with this and was pleased that my support helped inspire others."

What's it like living in Victoria?

Because of its small area, Korea has high buildings and high population density. However, in Victoria you can see the sea with just a short walk and see forest all over. I think this is the attraction of Victoria. I can climb mountains and enjoy great natural scenery whenever I want on weekends. You can see squirrels and deer everywhere, and people are very kind too. I love the natural environment of Victoria.

Best advice for new students

Don't be too nervous because Uvic has the best teachers and the best environment. The ELC has a variety of events every Wednesday including volunteer conversion clubs to improve our English skills, and daily volunteers on the second floor at the ELC Learning Centre. They are always ready to help us. So it’s good to take advantage of this. Also, there are extra classes, such as pronunciation classes and we can also talk with native speakers whenever we want to. These activities not only improve your English skills but also make sure you are having a cultural experience.

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: CST Building
  • To study: UVic Library
  • To relax: lawns in front of library

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Heejeong Seok