Haiping Lai

China (PRC)

This English program was amazing! I really enjoyed learning English here and my English has been improved with the help of teachers and volunteers. I love my teachers, who are friendly and supportive. I have had a great time with my friends from all over the world. This learning experience will stick in my memory forever!

What's it like living in Victoria?

Living in Victoria is wonderful! Victoria is so beautiful that you can enjoy fantastic views almost everywhere. There are great markets, restaurants and all kinds of leisure facilities, which provide me with convenience. Local people are friendly and nice! If given the chance, I’d like to spend the rest of my life in Victoria.

Best advice for new students

  • Be open to new things!
  • Make good use of the learning resources at the ELC.
  • Make new friends from different cultures. Don’t hang around too often with your friends from your country if you want to have more chances to speak English!

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: the Atrium or the ELC
  • To study: the ELC or Homestay
  • To relax: UVic campus or Homestay

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Haiping Lai