Citlalli Gomez Medellín


“My experience was amazing. When we travel alone, we always learned something about ourselves. I learned not only English but something about myself too.”

What's it like living in Victoria?

For me, Victoria was perfect — easy to get around, very clean and well maintained. All the people are very kind and there are many lakes, beaches and mountains. In the mountains you can see the whole city — it's a beautiful panorama.

Best advice for new students

I highly recommend UVic, because the activities are fun and you can learn a lot easier and faster because all the time you are talking and listening to English! Also it's a great opportunity to learn about many cultures, not only about Canada, also from Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, China, etc.

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: UVic Dormitory Cafeteria
  • To study: anywhere on campus!
  • To relax: Cadboro beach

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Citlalli Gomez Medellín