Ami Muto


“The UVic ELC has everything you need to learn English such as various programs, useful learning tools, modern facilities, and great teachers. So take advantage of it all and be immersed in English!”

What's it like living in Victoria?

Because Victoria has a mild climate and relaxing atmosphere, I could enjoy all kinds of activities. In summer, it was all sunny and dry pretty much every day so I enjoyed outdoor activities such as boat riding, golf, bike riding and swimming in the lake. And all year in Victoria, you can also find many yoga places for decent prices and some free community yoga classes.

Best advice for new students

Hang out with friends speaking English even though they speak same language as you! Just being in Canada does not make you fluent in English. You have to try hard!

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: Biblio Café at the UVic library
  • To study: Starbucks
  • To relax: Lakes, beaches, downtown and cafes! Victoria has lots of great cafes!

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Ami Muto