Adriana Castiblanco


"Studying at Uvic has allowed me to meet people of many nationalities. I had classmates of more than 10 nationalities that allows me to know cultures, customs, ways of thinking, and ways of seeing life totally different. I lived the best academic experience of my life. I learned English in a very easy way and I feel that this investment will serve me for my whole life."

What's it like living in Victoria?

The thing that I like more of Victoria is that this city has a lot of nature like the mountains and different lakes. Also,  the ocean and the amazing beaches. In addition, Victoria has a spectacular climate and that is not like all people think that Canada is just snow,but Victoria has a perfect climate, a very calm environment is a magical place to visit.

Best advice for new students

The best advice is to enjoy this wonderful opportunity that life is giving you. Enjoy every moment with your friends and be the best in all the academic tasks you will do. I think this is the best way to take advantage of this beautiful experience.

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: Student Union Building
  • To study: McPherson Library
  • To relax: Mount Douglas

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Adriana Castiblanco