The Pathways Program includes 7 credit courses, which will result in 10.5 units of credit in the 12-month program. A regular academic year at UVic includes 10 courses, and 15 units of credit.

The Pathways Program is best for students who wish to do their undergraduate degree at UVic. However, it is possible to transfer credits from UVic to other institutions. The institution you wish to attend will decide which courses they will provide credit for, so we strongly recommend contacting the institution you wish to attend to see what their policy is.

Each year, between 80 to 90% of students pass the program and continue studying at UVic.

Yes. In the 'Social Science' stream of the Pathways Program, you will take pre-business courses. Once you have 30 units of credit, you can apply to the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at UVic.

Yes, you can if you are in a 4-year degree program. For example, a degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences or a Bachelor of Commerce are both 4-year degrees. In these cases, you can graduate in 4 years if you take 3 additional courses at some point after the Pathways program.

At UVic, a degree in Engineering takes 5 years because it includes a 12-month paid co-op placement. This means it will take you a minimum of 5 years to complete the Pathways Program and earn a degree in Engineering. Since Engineering is a challenging program, many students take longer than 5 years to complete their degree.

No. If you wish to take a Graduate program at UVic but don’t yet satisfy UVic's language requirement, you could consider taking our 'UAP' program. Please contact the department you wish to apply to and ask them what their language requirements are.

At this time, you can only start the Pathways Program in September.

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