The Intensive English Online program is part of ELC Connect, a new suite of online English language programs. It will be the same quality experience in a new delivery format.


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Program description

Our most popular program - ELPI - is now available online! This intensive program focuses on academic English at four class levels. During 10 weeks of instruction, UVic teachers will guide students through specialized Reading/Listening and Writing/ Speaking sections of the program to ensure that they build strong skills in these crucial language areas. A passing grade on both sections of the program and exams during the final week of the program will allow students to advance to the next level of ELPI, in either online or face-to-face delivery.

Students will achieve this program's challenging objectives by actively engaging in "synchronous" (in real time) and "asynchronous" (according to one's own schedule) learning activities. During the synchronous classes, students will practice the skills they have learned, participate in discussion groups and give formal presentations. Asynchronous work will include participation in online forums, instruction of concepts and content through recorded lectures, completion of assignments and research. 

Watch our video introducing ELPI-O:

Program features

  • 10-week program (200 study hours total)
  • 20 study hours / week
  • Four class levels (Intermediate - Advanced)
  • Focus on Academic English
  • Access to the UVic library’s digital resources (journals, ebooks, etc.)
  • Offers seamless transition to face-to-face ELPI
  • Social Connect activities offered
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Record of Grade from one of Canada's top comprehensive universities

Program schedule

Students can expect to study 20 hours a week for a total of 200 hours of instruction.

UVic instructors guide students through "synchronous" (in real time) and "asynchronous" (according to one's own schedule) learning activities.


Students will come online before the class starts to test their equipment and to learn the virtual classroom platforms: Moodle and Zoom. ELC staff will show you the functions of the site and help you with any technical problems you may have so you can begin your classes without any difficulties.

Class time: "synchronous" learning

Students will meet online with their classmates and UVic instructors for weekly, 1.25 hour "synchronous" sessions for each section (Reading/Listening + Writing/ Speaking). Students will participate in activities specifically designed to support and reinforce the independent lessons they have learned. During class time, they will have the opportunity to interact in real time with other students in the course doing activities such as debate and discussion, group and pair work, and other academic speaking assignments. These sessions may be recorded in case students miss a session or need to review material covered in a particular class. 

75 minute synchronous sessions will take place at 5:00 pm Victoria time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sessions:  Session 1 Session 2 
Day/time: Tuesday 5:00– 6:15 pm Victoria Time Thursday 5:00 – 6:15 pm Victoria Time

* If you are not located in the same time zone, use the Time Zone Converter to get the time of the session in your region.

* Victoria observes Daylight Saving Time and this may change the synchronous class times in your region depending on the time of the year.

Independent work: "asynchronous" learning

Under the careful guidance of their instructors, students are expected to do class work independently for about 20 hours per week. Instructors will assign tasks and provide "flipped classroom" learning for the students to complete at a time their schedules allow. Learning activities will include watching lectures, taking notes and completing assignments, viewing PowerPoint presentations as the teacher explains the content, contributing to online discussions; working on peer review assignments, and grammar / vocabulary practice activities. 

The synchronous and asynchronous parts of the program are clearly presented so that students understand how they work together to support their language and academic skills development. 

Your instructors will be available during office hours to help you with your questions about the course content, assignments and activities.

Social Connect activities

In addition to class time, students will be invited to join Social Connect activities, including:

Mix and Mingle – Begin your course with an online event to meet your new classmates.
Experience Victoria videos – Watch weekly videos to learn more about Canadian students and living in Canada
Café Social – Participate in a weekly event where you will meet other students and UVic staff in small groups for discussion
Oh Canada – Watch weekly videos with interesting stories and events from Canada, for discussion at Café Social

Estimated fees per program

Fees due upon application Fee Notes
Application fee $150.00 Application and deposit fees are due at time of registration.
Program deposit $350.00
Tuition fees Fee Notes
Balance of Tuition ($3445-$500 total application fee and deposit) $2,945.00 Due five weeks before program start date.
Accommodation and meals Fee Notes
n/a $0.00 Online programs do not include accommodation or meals.
Total: $3,445.00

Program dates

Starting in
September 2020
Program dates
Sept. 14 – Nov. 20, 2020
Program status
Courses open for registration
Homestay: n/a
Dorms: n/a
Starting in
January 2021
Program dates
Jan. 18 – March 26, 2021
Program status
Courses open for registration
Homestay: n/a
Dorms: n/a
Starting in
April 2021
Program dates
April 12 – June 18, 2021
Program status
Courses open for registration
Homestay: n/a
Dorms: n/a

Application information

Registration requirements

To register for this program, students must be at least 16 years of age. (Please note students must be 18 years or older for face-to-face classes).

Students will take the ELC’s English Proficiency Test (EPT) after registering for the course. Students must attain a minimum score of A2+ or higher. Students who do not meet this level requirement will be refunded completely. (ELPI-O plans to offer additional levels in the near future)

Based on their EPT results, students will be placed in one of 4 class levels, from "Intermediate" (~A2+) to "Advanced" (~B2). ELPI-O class levels are benchmarked to the Common European Framework for Reference for Languages (CEFR) a global standard which identifies levels from basic (A1) to proficient (C2). Students who score higher than B2+ on the EPT will be invited to attend our University Admission Preparation - Online program.

View the System Requirements for online courses.

How to apply

For application information, please click the Apply Now button.