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Improve your English and earn a valuable business credential from one of Canada’s top universities! Perfect opportunity for recent high school graduates!


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Program description

As a student in this innovative program you´ll prepare for a business career by:

  • Perfecting your English skills
  • Earning a Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)

This unique combination of English and Business programs is the perfect option for recent high school graduates who want to learn practical English and earn an internationally-recognized business credential in a short period of time.

Advantages of this program

  • Language skills and confidence developed during your English programs provide a foundation for your business studies while helping you adjust to life at UVic
  • Business courses such as Organizational Behaviour, Financial Accounting and Strategic Leadership teach you how to make business decisions using the case study method
  • An intensive DBA schedule that alternates intensive courses with study breaks during which many students work part-time.
  • Dedicated instructors with a wealth of real-world experience
  • Eligibility to apply for a post-graduate work permit in Canada upon completion of the DBA
  • Earning a business credential from the University of Victoria, which is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide

Accommodation options

During your first program, Intensive English (ELPI), you will settle into Canadian life by staying with a homestay family.  During your summer program you will have a new accommodation option – living in the UVic Dormitories alongside your international friends, and in September you can return to homestay accommodation with a local family.

Program format

Step 01: Advanced English

Each day in class, you will enjoy the support of two teachers who work together to help develop your English skills through challenging projects, activities and discussions. As an English student you’ll learn and explore with new friends, enjoying new experiences and simple beauties on Canada’s West Coast.

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Step 02: Summer Language & Culture

In this program, you’ll study English each morning, and the rest of the day will be yours to enjoy and explore with our Cultural Assistants (CA) as your guides! Our CA team organizes an amazing variety of activities outside of classes, including workshops, games, sports and culture nights.

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Step 03: Accelerated Diploma in Business Administration

Earn a valuable university business diploma in just 9 months with our Diploma in Business Administration - Accelerated program. Get the skills and credentials you need to succeed in a career in today's global business marketplace.

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About Victoria BC, Canada

Immerse yourself in an international business mindset in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, Victoria, BC.

Victoria is an amazing place to learn English and explore Canada. It’s a small city with a big heart! You’ll find the same shopping, restaurants and festivals that you might find in a large city, but it’s also safe, friendly and beautiful.

In addition to this, Victoria has the mildest winter in Canada. Throughout the year, you’ll find Victorians enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking or camping. There are also lots of fun indoor activities to enjoy.

Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, just a short trip to Vancouver and Seattle by ferry or plane.

Estimated fees per program

Fees due upon application Fee Notes
Program application fees $150.00 Due at time of registration. Deposits are applied to tuition fees.
Program deposit(s) $1,200.00
Homestay application fee $300.00
Tuition fees Fee Notes
Advanced English $3,600.00 Due five weeks before each term begins
Summer Language & Culture $2,300.00
Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) - Accelerated $9,750.00
Accommodation and meals Fee Notes
Homestay $2,850.00 $950 per month; required for the first 3 months in Victoria
Total: $20,150.00

Program dates

Application information

Registration requirements

  • Graduation from high school
  • Motivation to complete an intensive business program 
  • Must be over 18 years old

English requirement: In order to complete the program in the outlined schedule, you should already have an advanced English level, approximately equivalent to IELTS 5.0 or higher.  You will be tested and placed in the appropriate English class when you arrive.  If you are placed at a lower level this may lengthen your study time to complete the Diploma in Business Administration.

Completion requirements

To qualify for the University of Victoria's Diploma in Business Administration (DBA), you must successfully complete 14 business courses.  When you register for the program you are automatically enrolled in the set curriculum of intensive business courses.

Application deadline

Students must apply two months prior to the start of the program to ensure placement in homestay accommodation.

How to apply

  1. Complete the program application form
  2. Send the completed application form(s) and additional required documents to
  3. Pay the application fees and deposit(s)

Once we have processed the application, you well be sent two Letters of Acceptance. One for your English programs and one for your Business Diploma program.

Upon acceptance to the program, please apply for Medical Insurance and check to see if you need a study permit/visa to study in Canada.