"Arrival day" is the day before your program begins if you are attending a "Summer Language and Culture" program in July and August. If you arrive at the Victoria airport on this day, our ELC Cultural Assistant staff will be there to greet you and help you to find “shuttle bus” transportation to the University of Victoria. 

The shuttle takes 30-40 minutes to get to the University of Victoria. Once you arrive at UVic, another team of Cultural Assistants will help you check in at the UVic Housing Office, where you will receive your UVic meal plan card and be directed to your dormitory room.

If you are not arriving at UVic on "arrival day," our Cultural Assistant staff will not be at the airport to greet you. Luckily, the Victoria airport is small and you will easily find your luggage and transportation to UVic, by:


The "YYJ Airport Shuttle Bus" ticket counter is beside the luggage pick-up area and main "arrivals" area exit. You must buy a ticket ($25-39) before you get on the bus. You should buy a ticket to the UVic Housing Office - at UVic Parking Lot 5.


Taxis in Victoria are safe and wait outside the "Arrivals" area of the airport. The drive to UVic takes about 20-25 minutes by taxi and the cost is approximately $60-70.  Ask your driver to stop at the UVic Housing Office in Parking lot #5 off Sinclair Road.