Earlier this year, the University of Victoria confirmed its plans to return to on-campus classes in September. Based on this, the English Language Centre plans to offer the 12-week Intensive English(ELPI) program on campus in September, and to be offering its full suite of on-campus programs by January 2022. The September ELPI program will be offered at a limited capacity, and as such, it's important to be aware of the following changes to this program only:

  1. Program dates remain as scheduled: September 7 - December 1, 2021. (Arrival dates would be Sept. 4/5 arrival and Dec. 3 departure.)
  2. Currently, international visitors are required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Canada. If this requirement is still in place in September, the first two weeks of the program will be online. If the requirement is lifted, classes will be held as usual on campus.
  3. As part of the requirement to self-isolate upon arrival, international visitors need to stay in a government hotel for the first three nights. Hotel fees are non-refundable and rooms can only be booked 14 days in advance of travel. More information can be found on the Government of Canada website.
  4. For a limited number of students, we will be able to provide the balance of the isolation period with your host family for an additional fee of $350 (paid to the family). We can also recommend approved hotel accommodation within Victoria. 
  5. Our "core classes" will be offered four days per week as usual (Monday-Thursday), and on the fifth day (Friday), students will take electives focused on writing and discussion skills. The number of hours remains the same (260 total). ‚Äč
  6. As we are expecting a total of about 60 to 75 students, we will only be offering the general stream of core classes at the 200 (A1+), 330 (A2), 410 (A2+) and 490 (B1) levels (Upper Beginner to Upper Intermediate), with elective classes focused on Academic English skills. Students who want to focus on academic English are encouraged to take ELPI-Online, which is designed for students with academic goals (including those who plan to apply for the DBA or CBA Business programs at Continuing Studies).
  7. Students will take an initial placement test before leaving their home country so that we can ensure we are offering the right class for each student's ability. There will be additional testing once the students are in Canada to fine-tune the placement process, but we will be able to confirm compatibility soon after students register.
  8. We will be offering modified socio-cultural activities and Learning Centre support as per social distancing rules and student numbers.
  9. If UVic (and the ELC) are unable to offer on-campus programs in September due to newly-introduced health protocols at the local, provincial or national level, students will be transferred to a future program or offered a full refund.

For now, we are planning as if all COVID restrictions will still be in place, but we are hopeful many will be lifted by summer. We are working hard to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy program experience in Victoria. The smaller number of students will ensure we can properly socially distance while delivering our usual high-quality classes and activities. Please note that we will continue to offer our suite of ELC Connect online programs in September as well, so there will be a wide variety of options for your students.

  • Posted May 6, 2021