With the return of more students to our on-campus English programs in 2022, we made the difficult decision in December to restrict any further applications for UVic Homestay accommodation for programs starting between January – August 2022. We regret the impact this unforeseen situation may have on students’ study plans with us, and we are committed to offering support and resources that will allow them to identify alternative accommodation options.

For ELC programs with February – April start dates: we encourage students to explore the private accommodation resources listed on the UVic Off-Campus Housing website. The private housing options listed there include hotels, hostels, Airbnbs as well as professionally-managed apartments and suites.

For ELC programs with May – August start dates: we are already working with the UVic Housing office to expand the availability of UVic dormitory accommodation for students in our P3 (June), Summer ELPI (July-August) and UAP (August) programs.

We invite students to consider UVic dormitories for the following on-campus programs:




Housing + Meals

Summer Language and Culture (P3)

May 24 - June 24


UVic Dorms: $2,260

Summer ELPI

June 22 - Aug. 26


UVic Dorms: $4,290

Summer Language and Culture (P4)

July 4 - July 29


UVic Dorms: $1,895

Summer Language and Culture (P5)

July 11 - Aug. 19


UVic Dorms: $2645

Summer Language and Culture (P6)

Aug. 2 - Aug. 26


UVic Dorms: $1,895

Summer Language and Culture (P7)

Aug. 8 - Aug. 26


UVic Dorms: $1,425

University Admission Preparation

Aug. 2 – Aug. 26


UVic Dorms: $1,895

As always we encourage early application to Homestay accommodation to give your student the best chance of a placement with a local host family for their chosen program. As a precautionary measure, the ELC website now indicates 'limited availability' for our September programs, as we monitor the availability of local hosts for the fall.

We will be continuing to update the ELC Fees and Dates webpage as new information and options become available. We look forward to welcoming many more students to UVic Homestay once our capacity for placements with local families has increased.

Please direct any questions to: elcinfo@uvic.ca


  • Posted Jan. 7, 2022