Thais de Assis Azevedo


What made your ELC program special?

They city and the university were beautiful and connected to nature as I love, and everyone I met was friendly and respectful. I made friends from different countries and cultures and spent a great time with them. These and other things made my time at UVic unforgettable.

What's it like living in Victoria?

Victoria is just the perfect size, not so big and not so small. You can have lots of fun and people are still kind and gentle. The city is beautiful, full of flowers and lovely decorations. And there are lots of artists and creative people everywhere. It’s also safe so you can go out anytime without worries.

If you could travel back in time, what part of your ELC experience would you re-visit? Why?

I would watch the Symphony Splash at the Inner Harbour during the festivities of BC Day again and again. The city was crowded with art and people in every part of it, and it was such a beautiful evening that I’ll never forget.

What is the most memorable thing that happened to you as an ELC student?

I was chosen the valedictorian for my class and had the chance to share with all students and teachers of the program how those days were for me.

Do you have any favourite memories of Canadian culture?

I always remember how Canadians are gentle, polite and willing to help, and how they try to understand and help you if you need. I loved that Canadians are never late!

How did learning with other students from other cultures change how you see the world?

It changed a lot my view of the world. I realized different and sometimes opposed ideas can be “right”, because they can be looking at something from a different perspective. And also that you can always find a thing in common with someone no matter how different you both are.

Did studying English with us open any new opportunities for you? What are you doing now?

Yes, I was a English to Brazilian Portuguese beginner translator before going to Canada, but after that I could develop my skills and my understanding about the daily use of the language. It helped me improve my career and now I am translator specialized in games and subtitling.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the ELC, UVic, or Victoria?

I loved every moment in Victoria, it’s one of the most amazing cities I’ve been and I would visit it every year if I could. Besides, the classes are great, and other activities also were opportunities to learn and develop not only the English language but also my view of the world.

Best advice for new students

Your time at UVic will certainly be unforgettable. Enjoy every moment of it. Attend all classes, go out whenever you can, talk to people, take in part in the activities, enjoy the great weather, walk around the city. All of these are part of the ELC experience.

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: SUB, University Centre, Felicita’s (campus pub) and at the lounges inside the Dorms
  • To study: ELC, Library
  • To relax: Arbutus Beach, the Quad, Beacon Hill Park

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Thais de Assis Azevedo