Ayano Moriguchi


Programs: March Monthly English, April ELPI, Summer Program 5 2019

What made your ELC program special? 

It changed my personality and way of thinking. At the ELC, we had many chances to interact with people and share our cultures with each other. It was very good to make friends with people from various countries.  In addition, there were many presentation in the class, so I got confidence. 

If you could travel back in time, what part of your ELC experience would you re-visit? Why?

I want to do coffee social and music bingo again. I really enjoyed these activities. I had a lot of fun with the Cultural Assistants and I made a lot of friends.

What is the most memorable thing that happened to you as an ELC student?

I did the farewell speech when I took the ELPI program. It was a big challenge for me. I was very nervous, but many people were impressed. This unforgettable experience made me grow a lot. 

Before starting your ELC program, what part of learning English was most difficult for you? How did your ELC studies help with that? 

I didn’t have confidence to speak English because I was nervous. The students studying together were all at the same level, so we all made mistakes and grew together. That was really good to achieve my goals. 

What advice would you give another student who’s thinking about taking an ELC program?

You must do all you can. For example, visit everywhere you want, eat delicious Canadian food etc... I recommend going to Ogden Point and eating poutine. With a little courage, you can make unforgettable memories.


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Ayano Moriguchi