Teaching French Immersion Courses

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Core Courses

Designs for Learning in French Immersion

Assessment and evaluation within the context of French Immersion's language and content methodology. Emphasis is on planning, analysis and evaluation. Canadian and International models of language learning and assessment will be examined.

This course is taught in French.

Modern French

Detailed study of contemporary French, with particular attention to aspects of the language that are useful to immersion teachers.

This course will help you identify the elements to introduce—and the errors that need correcting—at various stages of a learner’s development, and to increase your awareness of errors you may make yourself so that you can continue to work on your own specific needs after the course.

Organization and Instruction in French Immersion

An examination of current models for the organization and instruction of French Immersion students at the elementary and secondary level. Participants will define and articulate those critical factors that ensure lessons and units of study will enable students to learn language as well as concepts/skills.

This course is taught in French.

Principles in Teaching French Immersion

The course covers basic curricula and evaluation requirements in the French Immersion program, and an understanding of the similarities and differences between teaching in Immersion and in the English program.

It emphasizes how students develop literacy and numeracy in French Immersion while mastering the skills and concepts laid out in all subject areas as required by the BC curriculum.

This course is taught in French.

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