Teaching French Immersion FAQ

We have provided information about this test here (link to main page). You may also consult the TFI web page on the ETS Canada website.

Yes you may. The tests are offered monthly at major centres across Canada and there is an extra test offered at UVic twice per year, in fall and spring.

We may accept results from other tests on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office at teacherprod@uvic.ca with your request.

Yes you may, but please be aware that the content is based on the BC curriculum.

Yes, but it’s essential that you receive permission from your Education Department adviser in order to ensure that your course load is manageable.

There are two possible entrance points: July and January. It isn’t possible to start in September because there’s a prerequisite for that course which is only offered in summer. Please note that the two summer courses are face-to-face and the fall and spring courses are online to accommodate teachers from out of town.

The application fee is $50 and the University of Victoria sets the tuition fees. Please see the tuition website for more information. 

Close to the end of your course, you will be asked to complete a form and submit it to our office. We will then process these requests and mail the bursary cheques. The bursary amount we have obtained from the Ministry has typically been $300 per student per course.

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