CACE Policies

Refund policy

Online courses

  • CACE course registrants will receive a full refund up to the course start date.
  • From the course start date to six calendar days into the course, students who withdraw will receive a refund less the $50 administrative fee.
  • Students who withdraw seven or more calendar days after the course start date will receive no refund.

Workshop and summer core courses

  • CACE students must pay an administrative fee of $50 if they withdraw from a face-to-face course or workshop before the registration deadline.
  • Students who withdraw after this date will not receive any refund.


There are two convocation ceremonies, which take place at the University of Victoria each year: fall convocation (held in November) and spring convocation (held in June). If you have completed all course requirements—four core courses and four credits worth of electives—prior to the application deadline, you will be eligible for convocation.

The application deadline for fall convocation is August 15, and the application deadline for spring convocation is Feb. 28. You will need to fill out and submit the application for graduation form, and pay the $40 convocation fee, prior to these dates in order to convocate.

Any further questions regarding convocation, please contact

Students and income tax

Many courses and programs offered by Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria qualify for non-refundable tax credits. Please see our article about Student and income tax article for more information about tuition tax credits.

Grading policy

The intent of the CACE grading policy is to respect both students and instructors by allowing flexibility for students to complete coursework past the regular deadline and to give them accountability to do it in a reasonable time period so that the instructor’s time is also respected.

Normally, students enrolled in CACE program courses will be expected to submit all coursework by the final assignment due date or by the end of the course- whichever is appropriate for the specific course.

Students who do not complete all coursework—or request an extension (by contacting the CACE Program Coordinator)—before the course end date or before the final assignment due date (whichever is appropriate for the specific course) will be withdrawn from the course. Students who are withdrawn from a course will need to re-take the course, successfully complete it and pay the full course fee in order to obtain a grade for the course.

Students who choose to take a CACE workshop for professional development, as opposed to completing the assignment(s) and receiving a grade, cannot receive elective credit in the CACE program in the future.

Grading scheme

CACE Grading Scheme

CACE program extension

CACE students have five years in which to complete the program. After the five-year mark, you may request a program extension from the CACE program coordinator. The program extension fee is $50.

Student appeal/complaint process (non credit)

If you would like clarification or are dissatisfied with a grade for an assignment or course, you should first discuss this with the course instructor.

Before considering a formal review of a final grade, you should make every reasonable effort to discuss the assigned grade with your instructor. If such discussion fails to resolve the concern or where more challenging circumstances exist, you should contact the Program Director.

For more information on student appeals, please visit the Continuing Studies Policies page.