Final Project in Intercultural Education

Code: IET 410
Apply this course towards: Intercultural Education

Course description

The final project will give students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of both theory and practice in the area of intercultural education.

The final project will normally commence at the end, or towards the end, of the student's program of study and be completed within a period of six months.

Students may complete either 3.0 units of the final project, or combine 1.5 units of the final project work with 1.5 units of the Practicum in intercultural Education (IET 400) to fulfill the requirements for the diploma.

How to register

Registration is limited to Intercultural Education Diploma students only. Students thinking of completing IET 410 should contact the Program Office the term prior.  Once a project has been approved, the Program Office will process registration.

Additional course details

Grading: INP, COM, N, or F.

RELATED TOPICS: Intercultural Education