• Business Intensive Courses

Are you looking for a fast way to upgrade your skills or add current and relevant training to your CV? We offer a number of intensive business courses that pack a whole term's worth of content into a compact week of immersive learning.

Course Features:

  • short, one-week timeframe
  • face-to-face delivery on campus
  • offers great networking opportunities as you get to know your instructor and classmates
  • each course can be taken individually for professional development or applied towards a Business Administration credential

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Change Management

Change management is all about executing strategies to achieve goals and objectives. This course focuses on managing the motivation, behaviours, business controls and work environment in order to introduce, stabilize and normalize changes that are necessary to implement new strategies.
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Marketing is truly a combination of pretty much every facet of business. It is a broadly based subject that includes many aspects of finance, operations management and psychology. (Note: the online section does not have a fixed time)
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Interpersonal Business Communications

The primary goal of this course is to assist in improving the effectiveness of your interpersonal communication in a workplace and personal setting.
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