Computer Based Information Systems FAQ

Yes. However, students should have basic knowledge of personal computer use before starting Computing Concepts. If you are new to computers, please contact the Program Coordinator to discuss how to prepare for the CBIS Program.

Yes. The ability to use various software packages is only one component of the CBIS program. You will also gain knowledge and expertise in systems design and in management issues connected with information systems in the workplace. If you have previous relevant education and/or work experience, you may be eligible for advanced standing in introductory courses. Please contact the Program Coordinator to discuss.

Upon completion of the program, you will have gained and practiced a number of skills that will be of benefit to both students and employers. You will be a highly educated user of computer systems, and will be able to converse intelligently with computer specialists. Many CBIS graduates have moved in to information technology areas within their organizations, while other graduates have branched out into careers in the high-technology field as business or systems analysts, local area network administrators, or independent consultants.

Yes. All courses are offered online, and some electives are available on campus. Offerings vary from term to term. You are also able to mix delivery methods if desired. Please contact the Program Coordinator to discuss program planning.

CBIS courses typically start in January, May and September each year and have clearly defined start and end dates. Dates will be posted on our website.

You need to complete nine courses to complete the CBIS program. CBIS offers courses in three terms, beginning in September, January, and May each year. Assuming only one course is taken each term it takes three years to complete nine courses. Please contact the Program Coordinator to discuss program planning.


Most core/required courses will be scheduled twice a year, unless they are under re-development. Electives are offered as demand warrants. Please contact the Program Coordinator for details. 

Yes, but students working full-time are advised not to take more than two courses simultaneously, as each course workload is designed to be ten to fifteen hours per week.

If you fail a course, you may retake it or register in an alternate course, keeping in mind that all program requirements must be fulfilled to complete the CBIS program. An additional course fee is applied in all cases. What help is available for distance education students? All distance education courses are delivered in a Learning Management System (LMS) called Moodle and each course has an assigned instructor. You are encouraged to communicate with the instructor within Moodle.

The instructor and discussion forums are primary means of support in an individual course.

You can also contact the TIL (Technology Integrated Learning) Help Desk for technical assistance:
Phone: 250-721-8476
Toll free in North America: 1-888-721-8476
International: 00-1-250-721-8476

The Online Help Desk is staffed the following hours (Pacific Time), except for Canadian and British Columbian statutory holidays:
•Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
•Friday: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
•Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Online Help Desk will respond to messages within 24 hours during hours of operation. You can also contact the CBIS administration office at 250-721-8072 or by email.

Required Equipment/Software A reliable internet connection Windows or Apple OS X computer Microsoft Office 2007 or higher or formats.

We suggest that you should have access to a PC. Some of the courses in the program require software downloads which have caused difficulties for Mac users on occasion. Although our Help Desk can support Mac users it would be better for the student to know up - front that there could be issues. We don't want our students to have a frustrating learning experience.

We make a concerted effort to notify students of their eligibility to graduate. However, students should track their progress themselves and be prepared to contact the program office. Upon completion of Program Requirements you must complete and submit an Application to Graduate. The UVIC Ceremonies & Special Events Office will notify you of the next available Convocation date. Students can contact the CBIS Program Clerk with questions regarding their status.

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